Plantation Tea Bar

Plantation Tea Bar in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, invites the curious and connoisseurs alike to discover the rich and varied world of tea in all its forms. Taking centre stage is the 12-seat stone counter, where a tea master will take guests on a sensory journey through a monthly set tasting menu made up of four tea courses will take guests on a journey through different sides of the same tea: cold, hot, edible and herbal-infused, carefully paired with snacks to enhance the flavour experience, and led by tea masters who are on hand to break down the mystery and make it a fun occasion.

Plantation Tea Bar is located at 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Ying Pun (HKU MTR exit B2). Opening Hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 2-10pm.


"The COMPANION team understood what we were trying to achieve - a tea brand rooted in traditional Chinese cultures yet innovative and fun - and used their expertise and extensive network to help us achieve that positioning from the get-go. Despite their professionalism, everyone on the team was also super easygoing, making it a true joy working with them!"