KARANA, Singapore


We are KARANATM. We love food that is good to eat and good to grow and adds more diversity to our agriculture systems and diets.

We make plant-based meat using ingredients that support biodiversity, healthy soil, are good for farmers, and that can be crafted into the most delicious dishes across any cuisine.

We are a company with global roots from farmer to chefs using our superhero jackfruit to create products that are

  • Unbelievably meaty + delicious
  • Versatile culinary experiences
  • No compromise for taste & nourishment
  • Regeneratively-Farmed


"The COMPANION team have been a fantastic business partner for the launch of KARANA in Singapore. Dominique and Caroline are consummate PR professionals, both highly experienced and most of all results orientated. The Companion team takes the time to understand the business and its objectives and waste no time creating efficient and effective plans to get there. We look forward to working with them on our future expansion plans in the region as a trusted business partner."